About Us

Mr. Ajay Kumar Jain had started this Business with limited items since 2008 as Trader and Stockiest in Neemuch Agriculture Market. 

AJ AGRI EXPORTS® is Our New Proprietorship Firm Which is Established By Mr. Jay Jain with aim of Find New Customers Globally. Our Aim Is To Ensure The Quality Of Products and Assurance Of Customers. We Trade And Export in all type of herbs, shrubs, spices, ayurvedic products and food grains products. 

We Mainly Purchase Commodities From Neemuch Local Market Which Is famous for its Grandness. Neemuch agriculture produce market (called Krishi Upaj Mandi in the local Hindi language) which is Asia’s largest agriculture produce market yard and world’s second largest as per 2011 report by MCX and WTO in terms of the agricultural products arrival. Many types of cereals, pulses, spices, oil seeds and herbs are traded in the agriculture market of Neemuch. Cereals such as wheat, barley, maize or corn, jowar. Spices such as coriander, fenugreek, ajwain, poppy seeds or posta, jeera, black cumin or kalongi, halim seeds, suwa, tukmaria. Pulses such are gram, urad, moong, masoor, peas. Oil seeds such as soybean, black mustard, yellow mustard, flax seeds, groundnut, sesame seeds, taramira seeds, castor seeds, dolmi and many more agri products such as garlic, onion, guar seeds, isabgol seeds.

Neemuch is a prominent trading centre of herbs in India and is the only auction and trading centre of ashwagandha roots (Indian ginseng, withania somnifera) in whole world, more than 500 kinds of herbs are traded in Neemuch. Majorly they are ashwagandha, kalmegh, shatawari, safed musli, stevia leaves, giloy, babul and many more. We wish to grow this business with digitalization, online updated rates and beneficial work for all.